Sensory Evaluation

The Ingredients of Success


RDTeam employs a team of highly trained sensory experts who have spent years studying and evaluating the effects of ingredient changes, process or product changes on product quality and consumer acceptability. Our team members have the ability to define attributes under five modalities, providing an in-depth analysis of flavors, textures, and other important elements that influence consumer likes or dislikes.

Difference Testing – Perceptions Panel


Changing a product, ingredient, formulation, vendor or process may also change the consumer’s perception of your product. RDTeam can help you understand the implications of change before you move ahead. We have a Perception Panel in place consisting of individuals screened for taste acuity and trained in testing methodologies. Our capabilities include:

  • Triangle Testing
  • Difference from Control
  • A–not–A
  • Attribute Difference Tests

Descriptive Evaluation


Sensory evaluations can be conducted in our testing facilities, or at your location. We understand that food and beverage industry regulations may require testing to be conducted at a manufacturing or production site. Our traveling sensory team can evaluate products or processes at your location, eliminating the logistic challenge of shipping products or testing large pieces of equipment in a plant.

We Speak Your Language


The leaders of our sensory evaluation team have advanced degrees in food and nutritional science. And, all of our sensory experts understand both the language of consumers and researchers. This enables us to bridge the gap between consumers and R&D, and to translate consumer data into actionable steps for product development.
Membership: ASTM E-18; IFT Sensory Division, SSP, Sensometrics