We maintain our own comprehensive testing facilities in the Philadelphia PA area, Jacksonville, FL area, and our network of nationwide partner facilities enable us to conduct testing in virtually any location.

Our facilities are fully technologically enabled and equipped with comfortable conference rooms for focus groups as well as backroom areas for client observation. Our testing rooms are flexible by design, enabling us to transform our spaces into kitchens, washrooms, classrooms, and testing areas for virtually any product.


We have two focus group suites (Kingsley and Fleming) with an additional conference room which can also be utilized for breakout sessions (St. Johns). Each suite is made up of a Focus Group Room, Observation Room, and a Client Lounge.

Focus Group Rooms:

  • Ceiling mounted microphones
  • Secure WiFi access, with recessed floor electrical outlets
  • Climate control
  • Modular furniture (can be arranged to accommodate 24 respondents)
  • Flip charts and markers that always work!

Observation Rooms:

  • Largest Observation room in Northeast Florida
  • 1-way, wrap around mirror
  • Private, client only entrance
  • Secure WiFi access
  • Climate control
  • Stocked mini-fridge

Client Lounge:

  • Remote viewing of Focus Group Room
  • Fully-stocked workstation with computer and printer
  • Telephone