Market Research – RDTeam is a full-service market research firm with locations in Philadelphia, PA and Jacksonville, FL. We custom design research to answer all your research objectives.



RDTeam’s 25+ years experience designing, managing, and fielding quantitative research has given us the ability to provide customized solutions to maximize the impact and cost-effectiveness of your studies as well as unparalleled expertise in executing all phases of your project.

  • Web-based surveys
  • Awareness Tracking
  • Advertising / Concept Testing
  • Central Location Tests
  • Home Use Tests



With our expertise in diverse methodologies, we will suggest the most efficient and effective design for your research project. We get results without unnecessary expense.

Our RIVA™ trained moderators are highly experienced with online and in-person research groups. We provide highly visual, story-driven, in-depth report writing with actionable next step recommendations.

Live streaming and state of the art audio/video recordings provided with SD cards for your immediate use.

  • Focus Groups
  • Co-Creation Sessions
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Triads / Dyads
  • Mock Juries
  • UX / Usability Testing
  • In-Home Interviews
  • In-Store Interviews
  • Online discussion groups
  • Discussion guide design
  • Recruiting screener design
  • Expert In-house Recruitment and Articulation Screening
  • Focus group facility management
  • Interview moderation by expert RIVA-trained moderators
  • Transcripts

Hybrid Studies


Combining quantitative and qualitative research is becoming the norm in market research rather than an occasional choice to view consumer data from multiple distances and perspectives. Online techniques or traditional quantitative / qualitative methodology combinations can produce powerful insights. RDTeam can combine these into a single deliverable that tells a compelling story about your research objectives. We will consult with you regarding mixing various methods and techniques, in series or in parallel, to enhance the value of your product testing and get the most benefit from your research.

As an added benefit, RDTeam’s outstanding recruiters are adept at using online activities as an additional way of screening recruits. Observing each person’s level of engagement and articulation gives us even more information to help determine which participants to invite to the next research phase.

Online and Mobile Research


RDTeam will consult with you, when appropriate, on combining various online methods and techniques, used synchronously or in a progression, to get the most out of your research and deliver the most compelling data. Online and mobile research can be an independent technique or combined with any qualitative or quantitative method.

  • Online Surveys
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Webcam Interviews
  • Video Diaries / Digital Ethnographies
  • Online Bulletin Boards
  • Computer/Mobile/Tablet Interviews
  • Usability Testing and Website Interaction Tracking Software

Sensory Evaluation


Sensory testing is a core strength of RDTeam. Members of our team of highly trained sensory experts have spent years studying and evaluating the effects of ingredient changes, process or product changes on product quality and consumer acceptability.

The leaders of our sensory evaluation team have advanced degrees in food and nutritional science. They have the ability to define attributes under five modalities, providing an in-depth analysis of flavors, textures and other important elements that influence consumer likes or dislikes.

Difference Testing – Perceptions Panel

Changing a product, ingredient, formulation, vendor or process may also change the consumer’s perception of your product. RDTeam can help you understand the implications of change before you move ahead. We have a Perceptions Panel in place consisting of individuals screened for taste acuity and trained in testing methodologies. Our capabilities include:

  • Triangle Testing
  • Difference from Control
  • A–not–A
  • Attribute Difference Tests

And, all of our sensory experts understand both the language of consumers and researchers. This enables us to bridge the gap between consumers and R&D, and to translate consumer data into actionable steps for product development.