As a researcher, have you ever asked yourself the following questions?

  • Are there any new techniques or methodologies besides the typical ones?
  • What are the ‘norms’ for a good DWB score? Satisfaction score? Overall Liking?
  • What type of testing can I do that would minimize the risk in making a decision for change?
  • How can I initiate a change to a team who is risk adverse?
  • What in the data ‘speaks’ the loudest in support of the findings?
  • What story is the data telling?

Having worked for both large and small CPG manufactures, RDTeam knows the importance in answering these types of questions. By truly understanding the overall project objectives, integrated with the business strategy and brand positioning, RDTeam will not only answer these primary research questions but will dig deeper to mine out any undiscovered gems in the data.

If you’re looking for a research supplier who truly understands your expectations and delivers beyond them, then contact RDTeam for your next project.