Multiple Platforms

The RDTeam technology philosophy is to make use of every capability needed to deliver the optimum results. That means we do not use a single technology platform.  Instead, we are licensed on multiple platforms and use the most appropriate technology for the job at hand.


RDTeam can live-stream any testing virtually anywhere.  Whether it is focus groups, taste tests, IDI’s or product usage studies you can view your test from your desk at work, at home or even when traveling.  Multiple users can log-in at anytime from any internet connection.

Online Research

  • Qualitative:
    • If bringing consumers into a location is not viable, we conduct research through online focus groups, bulletin boards, and blogs.  Our highly trained, experienced moderators can conduct research utilizing any platform.
  • Quantitative:
    • RDTeam will program and host on-line surveys in support of a HUT or for non-product usage studies such as concept acceptability or packaging designs.

Qualitative Conferencing

Focus groups can also be conducted through telephone conferencing, with virtual backroom capabilities and discreet communication connections that allow clients to interact with researchers as the focus group is in progress.

Webcams, Flipcams, Smartphones

When product testing is best done in a subject’s home, office, or other location,  RDTeam will equip consumers with webcams or flipcams so that product usage can be observed and analyzed.   Consumers can also use their Smartphones to send images or videos of their experiences interacting with the products being tested.